3 Reasons You Need to Outsource

It’d be awesome if you could do everything. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Whether it be because you don’t have the time, the energy or the know-how, there are certain things that you simply can’t accomplish as a business owner. Because of this, you are going to need to trust other people to help you to accomplish your goals.

Those people are freelancers.

Here are 3 reasons that you need to start outsourcing…

1.You Save Money

When you think of people working for you, you probably think of employees. While employees are great for bulk, long-term work, they just don’t make sense for quick projects.

When you have a project that needs to get done, but it doesn’t warrant a new employee, consider outsourcing.

This may be for services like:

  • Writing (Which I do, by the way)
  • Graphic Design
  • Accounting
  • Virtual Assistance
  • and so on.

These are all positions that you may not need to fill full-time, so hiring a freelancer to fulfill these services on an as-needed basis will end up saving you money.

2. You Aren’t Good at Everything

It’s time for a moment of humility…

As awesome as you may be, you aren’t great at everything. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can stop wasting your time with what you are bad at, and focus on what you are good at–running the most efficient business possible.

If you are great at sales, stick to sales! If you are an amazing graphic designer, go ahead and design your logo and website. If not, though, don’t do a sloppy job to save a couple of bucks. Instead, hire a freelancer.

3. You Don’t Have to Pay Benefits

Because freelancers aren’t employees, you don’t have to worry about providing them medical, dental or paid time off. Instead, they work when you need them to (if they are available), and the rest of the time they aren’t your responsibility.

This will save you a lot of money if you can’t justify hiring someone full-time.

Hiring a freelancer can save you time and money, while also adding to the quality of your products and/or services. When you need something done that you aren’t good at, or don’t have the time to do, it’s time to start shopping for someone to step in and do it for you…it’s time to hire a freelancer!

For professional, timely and high-quality writing services, make sure to reach out THIS FREELANCER on my website, or email me at ravencreatives@gmail.com.

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One thought on “3 Reasons You Need to Outsource

  1. Also, outsourcing allows business to focus on their core activities enabling the company to remain competitive and not bogged down by the little details. Just my two cent.

    Good article nonetheless 👍🏻


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