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Below is a link to my portfolio. Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like more samples.

Casey Pletcher Portfolio

Below are three books I have available on Amazon:

Image result for casey pletcher lost


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Lost. on Amazon

How to Get S*** Done on Amazon

Fiction and Poetry: A Writer’s Guide to Literary Excellence on Amazon

Below is a page from a comic book I am writing and producing, called “Cut”:

CUT FG 0103 small

Here’s what some of my customers have said about my services:

“Solid experience. Really enjoyed the writing. Clear communication, updates and adapts to the writing style requested flawlessly.”

 “Nice work! Thanks for taking what we gave you and turning it into some nice work for our customers!”

“Great to work with! Friendly, timely, creative, great writing skills. Will hire again.”

For more information and more reviews on my services, visit my Guru account.

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