Yes, You Need a Website

I recently bought a dog training collar for my gorgeous pup Bagsby, and it’s pretty cool. What’s not cool is that when I went to get a few questions answered, like what level I should set it at, there was nothing. Their business was a ghost…a phantom of the web.

Actually, I found a business with the SAME NAME that had a website that looked like it was from 1998, but the two companies weren’t connected.

That’s when I decided to write this blog, to explain the importance of having a website.

I know for a lot of small businesses, they wonder why it’s important. What are the benefits of a website for a small business?

Whether you are selling custom clothing or–yes–dog training gear, you need a way for people to contact you, ask questions and find out more about who you are. I know that you may be B2B, or you may have a niche audience, but there will still be people searching for you.

If they don’t have a way of finding you…POOF! There goes the sale, or the upsell.

Who knows? Maybe I would visit their website and see an amazing eBook on dog training. Or, maybe they would have a blog that answered my questions, which would lead me to leave a great review of Amazon.

These are all “what ifs,” because the fact was, they didn’t have a website.

Don’t get caught in this situation. Whatever the size of your business, you DO need a website. It’s 2017, people! Get on it.

For more information on building a website and/or a blog, reach out to me through this website, or email me at

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