Who You Know: How Your Network Dictates Your Success

There are few things as powerful as a strong network.

You can be the absolute best in your industry. You can have all the right knowledge, talent, tools and know-how–but if you don’t know the right people–it’s unlikely that you’ll get far.

As a business owner, my growth was stunted before I began building my business network. I would rely on referrals from a limited network, and bids on job sites. While I made money this way, it wasn’t nearly what I should have been making.

Finally I got off the couch and attended a networking event. EVERYTHING changed.

By networking with a handful of people, I was able to meet the right people. Then, I leveraged that network to meet even more amazing people. Suddenly, I was making all kinds of connections, learning a TON about business and getting the referrals and sales calls that I needed to expand.

I would be stuck with the same limited clients and job sites if I didn’t take the initiative to meet people, and grow my business.

You don’t have to be the most social person in the world to expand your network…you can do so online through LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Still–in order to succeed–you need to be leveraging the abilities, advice and network of others.

Get out there, and say, “Hello,” to a few other entrepreneurs, or people in your industry. Make friends, and add value. Then watch as your success–and your bank account–grows exponentially!

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